AziendaTecnica Sistemi Srl was founded in 2002 out of the initiative of a group of experts in automation technology, with years of experience in advising and consulting automation companies. A young and dynamic company, which can boast a great know-how, thanks to its long experience in this field.

Tecnica Sistemi provides integrated services to companies or public authorities wishing to invest in process automation and in process measurement equipment. It offers high-tech equipment along with dedicated computer applications. Part of our mission is to a comprehensive technical support, before and after sales. The customers’ benifts are:

  • Improved efficiency of production lines;
  • Specifically tailored solutions for every need;
  • Constant attention to technological innovation, in order to be always up to date.

In order to ensure the best service, Tecnica Sistemi chooses its partners and its suppliers carefully. Among the selected suppliers, our leading products are those of Foxboro.
As for collaborations, the main partner is SADAS Srl, a leading company in the paper industry electrical and software engineering and beyond. Thanks to the experience gained during several projects in partnership, Tecnica Sistemi and SADAS work together in a completely natural way, making full use of their peculiarities.

Global market
Thanks to the synergies in place with its partners, Tecnica Sistemi operates actively in both the national and international market. A special emphasis is placed on the paper industry, but we can effectively cover all industrial fields (from the manufacturing fields to those of transformation, distribution, or energy and environment).

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