Pulp & Converting

Here’s an example of our offer for process control applied to a Paper Mill plant (stock preparation, steam plants, extractor, burners etc.).

Supplies and Services

  • Field measurement, regulation and registration equipment:
  • Transmitters, controllers and flow recorders for mixture, steam, gas, liquids, discharges into open streams and chemicals.
  • Compensated measuring chain for gas and steam. Paperless Recorders with USB and RJ45 ports.
  • Transmitters and Pressure regulators for steam, gas or mixture.
  • Level transmitters and controllers for mixture, liquids and powders.
  • “Height Swing” Transmitters in the headbox.
  • Measurement and regulation PH line, conductivity and turbidity.
  • Measuring regulators and valves for the consistency control.
  • Single / multi loop process regulators.
  • Accessories for burners: valves, actuators, switches, photocells, flame relay, alarm devices, PT100 / thermo-couple.
  • Pumps, diaphragm metering pumps / piston and / or pneumatic.
  • Control panels, electronic and pneumatic and electropneumatic.

Control valves and position devices

  • Butterfly Valves for liquids, gases and mixture.
  • Blade and ball valves for liquids, water and mixture.
  • Spherical Sector Valves for liquids, steam, and gas mixture.
  • Globe valves (2 and 3-ways) for water, air, steam, thermal oil.
  • Pneumatic and electropneumatic position devices (Analog and Digital) Single and double effect (also with stainless steel) for applications on linear and / or rotary valves.

In house Productions

  • Weight valves with spherical sector.
  • Electronic controlled oscillators for washing manifolds.
  • Chemicals and colors dosing and regulating systems. Assistance and design
  • Automatic control valves maintenance assistance.
  • Service and maintenance for field measurement equipment
  • Support and maintenance of automatic regulations systems(levels, course, dosages, steam plants regulations …).
  • Control Valves, weight valves and consistency valves sizing.
  • P&I Design and process control equipment.

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